FAQ - Box Canvas Print Sizes

Due to the available lengths of canvas stretcher bars, the finished print sizes (front face dimensions) differ slightly from standard A sizes.

Canvas equivalent sizes (front face dimensions):

A4 =  304 x 204 mm (12 x 8 inches approx)
A3 =  404 x 304 mm (16 x 12 inches approx)
A2 =  604 x 404 mm (24 x 16 inches approx)
A1 =  804 x 604 mm (32 x 24 inches approx)
A0 = 1204 x 804 mm (48 x 32 inches approx)

The wrapped edges are 20mm on A4 and 30mm on the larger A3, A2, A1 & A0 sized canvases. There is also an 8mm bleed round the back of the frame where the canvas is attached.

Box Canvas Templates

Available for those wishing to accurately crop their photos or size their artwork to fit. Please see our Canvas Print Templates to download layouts in PDF format.

A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 Paper Sizes.

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