FAQ - Printers & Inks

What printers are used?

Our prints are produced to the highest standards on top of the range 8 colour HP Designjet large format production class inkjet printers.

With its advanced colour management system, chromatic red and gloss, the Designjet offers exceptional reproduction of both colour and black-and-white images. An embedded spectrophotometer gives reliably accurate colours and consistency with every print.

What inks are used?

Supporting an 8 ink system, the printer uses the following colours to reproduce your image as accurately as possible: Chromatic Red, Magenta, Yellow, Light Magenta, Cyan, Photo Black, Matte Black and Light Grey.

The Chromatic Red is worthy of a special mention here as it increases the overall colour range available, particularly within the more difficult orange shades that often cause unexpected colour results with other printers.

The 3 shades of black (Matte Black, Photo Black and Light Grey) help to deliver rich black density, greater tone, smooth and subtle transitions, true grey neutrality and allow us to achieve crisp, stunning black-and-white photo prints as well as colour images with smooth skin tones.

Got another question?

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