Hastings Funeral Printing

We are often asked to print order of service booklets for Hastings funerals and memorial services.

Using your supplied document (ideally a Word or PDF file) we can produce A5 (half A4 size) printed booklets or hymn sheets to provide a running order for the congregation to follow.

These usually include photos of the deceased and the wording of any hymns. They can also make a memento of the occasion for those who attend.

We can also supply other printed material like intimation cards (which you send out to advise people of a death and of the funeral arrangements) and prayer cards.

Due to the often time critical nature of printing for funerals we would suggest this service is better suited to customers in the Hastings and St Leonards area as we can deliver the prints personally rather than sending through the post.

Prices depend on the number of booklets to be printed, the thickness of the paper/card and number of pages in the booklet. See our page on A5 Order of Service Printing for pricing or contact us for a quote on anything not covered.

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