LMS Hastings Bathing Pool Poster

from £3.95

Print of London, Midland and Scottish Railway Hastings Bathing Pool poster.

Available as A4 and A3 sized prints.



Our LMS Hastings Bathing Pool railway posters are printed onto 260gsm glossy photo quality paper using a professional class inkjet printer and branded inks.

Carefully packaged and sent out flat in thick cardboard sleeves to protect them during transit.

All railway poster prints have a white inset border which sets them off nicely when framed and hung on your wall.

Age related marks, dirt and scratches have been professionally removed wherever possible, but because of the age of the original posters a few small imperfections may be reproduced.

These prints are intended to be affordable reproductions of vintage posters that would otherwise be expensive and hard to acquire elsewhere. These posters are not sold as fine art prints or highly detailed works of art. There may be instances where small print is illegible, or some blurring is visible when viewed close up.